Arabian Horse Sculptures Figurative Statues

نحت الحصان العربي ومنحوتات الفروسية البرونزية

Born to Dance

Bronze Equine Sculpture at its best.

 27.5" ( 70 cm ) high x 15" ( 33 cm ) long x 13" ( 28 cm ) deep    

Every Born to Dance Bronze Sculpture as with most J. Anne Butler Bronzes will be uniquely finished in its own individual colours. ​

This outstanding equine bronze is also offered in an enlarged version to  life size or even larger.

Born to Dance tells the story of the Arabian mare and foal, the beauty of which through fable and legend have anchored them into the souls of those who love them.
Engraved with original poetry by the artist the exquisite Arabian mare and foal dance through history recounting

 the story of the Arabian horse.

 Delicate yet powerful ; graceful and exquisite, floating on air,  J. Anne Butler's mare and foal bronze sculpture is the Arabian Horse Sculpture that will dance through your dreams.

Enjoy this beautiful Arabian Horse Sculpture.

Sculpture in Bronze of Mare and Foal
Sculpture in Bronze of Mare and Foal

Born To Dance Arabian Horse Bronze Sculpture

Arabian Horse Bronze Sculpture by J. Anne Butler