Arabian Horse Sculptures Figurative Statues

Arabian horse sculpture & other equine sculpture

Equine &  Figurative Bronze Sculptures by 
J. Anne Butler

Arabian Horse Sculpture, Equine Bronzes, & Figurative Statues

Arabian Horse Sculpture, Equine Bronzes, & Figurative Statues

Arabian Horse Sculpture, Equine Bronzes, & Figurative StatuesArabian Horse Sculpture, Equine Bronzes, & Figurative StatuesArabian Horse Sculpture, Equine Bronzes, & Figurative Statues
Life size equine commission in progress .

Sculpture Commission

Commissioning a life size or larger than life bronze sculpture whatever the subject is all about capturing its soul.  Time spent with the client and the subject leads to a close understanding of  the client's needs and the true nature of the subject.

SC Curio- Equine Bronze Sculpture

A happy client

Sculpting a commission is a very special responsibility as the artist endeavors to capture the soul an spirit of the subject. 

Here bronze sculptor, J. Anne Butler has brought her client's much loved horse to life. 


Wh Justice Bronze Arabian Horse Commission

Wh Justice dubbed the Champion Maker not only excelled in the show ring but has sired countless incredible offspring who continue his matchless legacy .

There still is a limited availability of this outstanding Arabian Horse Bronze Sculpture.

Each bronze is custom created to order.

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Harley - Life size Equine Bronze Sculpture

A happy client

     Harley, the much loved Saddlebred Arabian performance horse, a commision captured as a monumental equine bronze sculpture standing 84'' high.  

Truly a great sculpture commission

Dubai International Arabian Horse Show Bronze Trophies

Bronze Arabian Horse Trophies

Diva - Arabian Horse Bronze Sculpture

Creating a bronze sculpture do you do that?  

An insight into the process of the commission of  an Arabian Horse Sculpture. 

Commissions and Trophies


Life size equine bronze sculpture.


A Commission  in bronze,  can be created in any subject or size: Arabian Horse Sculpture, Equine Bronze or a Figurative human form. Allow International bronze sculptor J. Anne Butler to capture the very essence of your cherished subject. 

A life size sculpture commission bronze of a National Champion.  

The table top size art bronze to remember your faithful company. 

A head study of that never to be forgotten family member; Anne cherishes  the sculpture she created many years ago of her dear late  father, Ike. .


Superstar customised bronze Arabian Horse Statue.


Sculpture commission: do please call us to discuss your needs for a commission or bronze trophies.

Nothing enhances or promotes an important event than the highest possible quality fine art trophies.

Anne continues to regularly sculpt beautiful trophies for events around the world .

Recipients celebrate  winning  specific  classes or championships by being awarded  J. Anne Butler trophies which take pride of place in their trophy cabinets. 

Arabian Horse Sculpture is only a part of Anne's repertoire.


Dubai Arabian Horse show


"...Her Majesty 

 ( HRH Queen Elizabeth II ) 

has instructed me to  convey her thanks to you...the  wonderful sculpture is displayed in her private sitting room at Balmoral Castle...''

  { Note..Her Majesty currently possesses three of J. Anne Butler's works of art, two equine statues and a dog sculpture. } 

" For over 30 years we have accumulated commission of a small, select collection of art. 

We collect Erte, Leroy Neiman, Lillian Shao, Carolyn Young and Anne Butler originals..."

..'' The Arabian Horse Sculpture Commission of my beloved gelding is my proudest possession..Thank you, "