Arabian Horse Sculptures Figurative Statues

نحت الحصان العربي ومنحوتات الفروسية البرونزية

Arabian horse sculpture in bronze

ذا ليجيند برونز - نحت الحصان العربي The Legend

 The Legend Arabian Horse Sculpture.

16'' (40 cm) high  Also offered as a  life-size bronze sculpture.

 The Arabian, Bedouin Horse, a fundamental cornerstone of Bedouin culture, is the subject of legend, myth and folklore. This bronze is true to Bedouin art.

Anne's Arabian Horse Bronze Sculptures that  bring her passion for the Arabian Bedouin horse to life are cherished around the globe.

  “The Legend” is created from the finest bronze. No detail is too insignificant Anne’s pursuit of perfection. “The Legend” is available  with the options of your choice of bronze patina colours.


The Legend Bronze Sculpture


The Legend Arabian Horse Sculpture.

16'' (40 cm) high  

Also offered as a  life-size bronze sculpture.

Shown here in a liver chestnut patina with coloured highlights based on rare pink granite. 


Arabian Horse Bronze Sculpture

 .. .Thank you so much.

My wife who is very selective in her choice of artwork is absolutely speechless with delight with my birthday gift to her of ''The Legend'' your beautiful Arabian Horse Sculpture.  It arrived packed to perfection!! ...J.N. 

 Suitable for the private collector “The Legend” is also the perfect presentation piece for that special individual or to celebrate a unique occasion