Arabian Horse Sculptures Figurative Statues

نحت الحصان العربي ومنحوتات الفروسية البرونزية

Arabian Horse Sculpture, Equine Bronzes, & Figurative Statues

But Mamma..Look!!! Equestrian Sculpture

Bronze Limited Edition of  11    
29" (74 cm) high x 11" (28 cm) long x  9" (23 cm) wide

Bronze Equine Sculpture

Bronze Mare and Foal head study equestrian sculpture 

Bronze Limited Edition of  11    

29" (74 cm) high x 11" (28 cm) long x  9" (23 cm) wide

Horse Sculpture of this calibre is fit to grace any art gallery

Bronze sculptor, J. Anne Butler has captured the eternal bond between mother and child; mare and foal in this bronze horse sculpture

But Mamma..Look!! bronze equestrian sculpture can be finished realistically with individual markings or a more contemporary bronze patina.​

​Our Clients become family, to the point where for one client we were waiting with as much anticipation as the owners for their  foal to be born so that Anne knew what colours to finish the foal component of their customized bronze sculpture!!

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