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نحت الحصان العربي ومنحوتات الفروسية البرونزية

Freedom - Life Size Bronze Arabian Horse Sculpture

Equine Bronze Sculpture

74" x 60" x 21"  ( 188 cm x 152 cm x 53 cm ) ​

.. ''a life size bronze such as Freedom is the pinnacle of perfection of Arabian Horse Sculpture''.. 

... F.D.  collector of monumental bronze sculptures. 

​​....“in all my years I have  never encountered the beauty, movement and the sheer feeling of joy that Freedom exudes”...

....reaction from Internationally renowned Arabian Horse Breeder

 and Judge.......


Freedom lifesize equine bronze sculpture.  #bronzesbyjannebutler
Freedom lifesize equine bronze sculpture. #bronzesbyjannebutler
Life size Arabian Horse Bronze Statue


Freedom, 74'' 188 cm high is the ultimate equine bronze sculpture, capturing the true essence of the Arabian Horse. A life size bronze of this quality is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.