Arabian Horse Sculptures Figurative Statues

نحت الحصان العربي ومنحوتات الفروسية البرونزية

To Love & Cherish.. Girl and Horse Bronze Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture

To  Love & Cherish..

30" ( 76cm ) high  x 16" ( 41cm) wide x 23" ( 58cm) deep

Anne has had a passion for horses, dating back to the days when her only desire was for a horse  -  but

received a bicycle.  She loves to recount how she walked for miles to ride a horse.

That ardor was reawakened when she met her stepdaughter Naomi, who had the same obsession.  

Through  the sharing of this interest energy was directed three-dimensionally into the wonderful sculptures she now creates.

Everyone who shares this feeling will relate to the art of To Love and Cherish and the bond that is shared between girl and horse