Arabian Horse Sculptures Figurative Statues

نحت الحصان العربي ومنحوتات الفروسية البرونزية


Equine Bronze Videos.

Look at Anne's bronze sculptures

 from all sides now,

 from up and down 

and round and round.  

Viewing sculpture in the round adds that essential third element to the experience.  

Life Size Bronze Sculptures by J. Anne Butler

Relax. Enjoy. 

Savour this selection of Life Size Bronze Sculptures; Arabian Horse, other Equine subjects, and one life size female form bronze sculpture. 

Born To Dance - Arabian Mare and Foal Bronze Sculpture

Sunshine Dancer Equine Bronze Sculpture

 Sunshine Dancer Equine Bronze Sculpture

40.5 cm 16'' high

 is offered in your choice of bronze patina colour. 

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J. Anne Butler Bronzes in The Kingdom of Bahrain

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Cavallino Rampante Bronze Sculpture

Equine bronze, Prancing Horse / Cavallino Rampante Bronze Sculpture / Prancing Horse Bronze

40.5 cm 16'' high

The Cavallino Rampante Bronze Sculpture is also offered as a life size equine bronze.  

Sunshine Dancer Bronze in Grey.

Anne offers most of her bronzes in customised bronze patina colours and markings.

Many of her bronzes are also available to order as life size  bronze sculptures. 

Diva Arabian Filly Sculpture

The epitome of graceful feminine beauty enjoy  Diva,

 Arabian Horse Bronze Sculpture by 

Equine Bronze Sculptor,  J. Anne Butler.

47 cm  18'' high. 

Diva - Arabian Horse Bronze Sculpture

Diva Bronze Statue.

Just love this specialist signature ''gold'' bronze patina.  It adds a whole new ethereal dimension to this wonderful equine bronze sculpture. 

Arabian Stallion Bronze Sculpture

Equine bronze sculptor,  J. Anne Butler offers her 

Arabian Stallion Bronze Sculpture for your consideration.

32 cm  12.5'' high.

Arabian Dream Bronze Sculpture

Arabian Dream Bronze Sculpture is the outstanding companion

 bronze statue to the Arabian Stallion .

32 cm  12.5'' high